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JM-703 Solid User-Friendly Safety Hammer OEM/ODM

JM-703 Solid User-Friendly Safety Hammer
4-In-1 Safety Hammer

JM-703 Solid User-Friendly Safety Hammer

The JM-703 solid user-friendly safety hammer features a robust construction with a durable metal head that incorporates a hardened steel point for breaking tempered glass windows. The ergonomic design ensures ease of use, allowing users to apply sufficient force without much effort. The handle often includes a non-slip grip, promoting a secure hold even in stressful situations. Additionally, many user-friendly safety hammers are equipped with a built-in seatbelt cutter, enhancing their versatility in emergency scenarios. This multifunctional design ensures that individuals can swiftly and confidently respond to accidents and emergencies, providing an added layer of preparedness and peace of mind

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How to use JM-703 Solid User-Friendly Safety Hammer

JM-703 Solid User-Friendly Safety Hammer is a multifunctional safety hammer that combines firmness and safety. It is made of high-strength alloy steel and is specially processed to ensure that it can break hard obstacles such as car windows with one strike at critical moments. Its humanized design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Whether it is an adult or a child, it can be quickly used in an emergency.

1. Breaking windows to escape
When the vehicle is trapped in water, on fire or in other emergency situations, breaking windows to escape is the most basic and important use of the JM-703 safety hammer. When using it, first find the weak point on the edge of the car window (usually the four corners of the car window), then hold the safety hammer tightly, aim the sharp hammer head at the weak point, and knock hard. Since JM-703 is made of high-hardness alloy steel, it only takes one or a few strikes to easily break the car window glass, winning precious time for escape.

2. Cutting seat belts
When a vehicle collides or rolls over, the seat belt may get stuck due to a malfunction, hindering passengers from escaping. The other end of the JM-703 safety hammer, the sharp blade, comes in handy. Aim the blade at the seat belt buckle or the seat belt itself and cut it hard to quickly untie the seat belt and ensure that passengers can escape the vehicle smoothly.

3. Emergency lighting
The JM-703 safety hammer itself does not directly have a lighting function, but its design often takes into account the needs of emergency lighting. High-end models of the JM-703 safety hammer will be equipped with LED lights or reflective strips. At night or in low-light environments, you can press a specific button or use the reflective effect of the reflective strip to provide necessary lighting guidance for escapees.

4. Hit the distress signal
In the case of outdoor exploration or natural disasters, if you are trapped and cannot directly contact the outside world, the JM-703 safety hammer can also be used as a tool to send a distress signal. The knocking sound of the hammer head can attract the attention of people around, or it can be knocked according to the internationally accepted SOS distress signal (three short, three long, and three short) to increase the chance of being rescued.

5. Auxiliary self-defense
Although the main function of the JM-703 safety hammer is to break windows and cut seat belts, it can also be used as a self-defense tool in extreme cases. Its sturdy hammer head and sharp blade can deter or repel attackers when necessary, buy time for escapees or create opportunities for escape. But please note that self-defense behavior should comply with laws and regulations, and try to ensure your own safety.

6. Precautions for use
Regular inspection: To ensure that the JM-703 safety hammer can be used normally in an emergency, it is recommended to regularly check whether its hammer head is sharp, whether the blade is intact, and whether the LED light or reflective strip is working properly.
Proper storage: Place the JM-703 safety hammer in an easily accessible location in the vehicle (such as the door storage compartment, under the passenger seat, etc.), and ensure that it is firmly fixed to avoid displacement or damage due to bumps during driving.
Familiarity with operation: Be familiar with the use of the JM-703 safety hammer in normal times, including how to quickly find and remove the safety hammer, how to correctly knock on the weak points of the window, how to cut the seat belt, etc. This way, you can react quickly and effectively save yourself in an emergency.
Comply with laws and regulations: When using the JM-703 safety hammer for self-defense or sending out a distress signal, be sure to comply with local laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary legal disputes.