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JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker OEM/ODM

JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker
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JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker

The JM-A02 2-in-1 Precision-engineered window breaker is a vital tool designed for emergencies, providing a reliable means to escape from vehicles in distress. The primary feature is a robust glass-breaking tip, engineered to shatter car windows effortlessly in emergencies. This precision ensures that individuals can swiftly and effectively break windows without excessive force, crucial when time is of the essence during accidents or submersion scenarios.

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Industry knowledge

What are the important applications of JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker when the vehicle sinks?

When the vehicle sinks, due to the rapid increase in water pressure, the door is often difficult to open due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside. The influx of water will quickly flood the space inside the vehicle, causing passengers to have difficulty breathing or even suffocate. In this case, it often becomes impractical to open the door to escape or wait for rescue, and it becomes crucial to find a fast and effective means of escape.

JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker is designed based on such emergency needs. It combines window breaking and cutting functions to provide passengers with a quick escape channel. The following are the main design concepts and features of JM-A02:
Dual-function integration: JM-A02 combines the functions of window breaking cone head and cutting blade, which can quickly break the window glass and cut the seat belt to ensure that passengers are not restrained during the escape process.
Precision Engineering Manufacturing: High-quality materials and precision engineering manufacturing technology ensure that the JM-A02's window-breaking cone is sharp and durable, and can easily break car windows at critical moments. The cutting blade is also carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the efficiency and safety of cutting seat belts.
Humanized Design: The non-slip handle adopts an ergonomic design to ensure a stable grip even in tense or unstable environments. The overall size of the JM-A02 is compact and small, making it easy to carry and store in the vehicle.
High-brightness reflective or LED lighting: Some JM-A02 models may be equipped with high-brightness reflective strips or LED lighting to improve visibility at night or in low-light environments, making it easier for passengers to quickly find and use it in an emergency.

When a vehicle accidentally falls into the water, the JM-A02 can quickly play its important role and provide a life channel for passengers. The following are the specific application steps of the JM-A02 when the vehicle sinks.
Stay calm and react quickly: After the vehicle falls into the water, passengers should stay calm, quickly assess the surrounding environment and react, and should immediately look for JM-A02 or other window-breaking tools.
Using JM-A02 to break a window: After finding the JM-A02, the passenger should hold the non-slip handle tightly and aim the window-breaking cone head at one of the four corners of the car window (because these positions are the weakest parts of the car window). Then, slam the cone head downward or inward until the car window glass breaks. Note that you should maintain a stable posture and strength during the window breaking process to avoid hand injuries.
Cutting seat belts: After the car window is broken, the passenger should immediately unfasten the seat belt. If the seat belt cannot be unfastened for some reason (such as being stuck or damaged), you can use the cutting blade of JM-A02 to quickly cut the seat belt. During the cutting process, make sure that the blade is perpendicular to the seat belt and cut it with force and stability.
Quick escape: After unfastening the seat belt, the passenger should immediately escape from the broken car window. During the escape process, be careful to avoid being scratched or stabbed by broken glass. If the vehicle has sunk to a deeper position in the water, the passenger needs to swim to the surface as soon as possible and seek help.

The application of JM-A02 2-In-1 Precision-Engineered Window Breaker in vehicle submersion reflects its excellent performance and humanized design, and highlights its importance in emergency escape. With the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents and natural disasters, emergencies such as vehicle submersion occur from time to time. Popularizing emergency escape tools such as JM-A02 is of great significance to improving the public's safety awareness and self-rescue ability.
First of all, the government and relevant departments should strengthen the publicity and promotion of emergency escape tools such as JM-A02 to improve the public's awareness and usage rate. They can popularize the use and importance of JM-A02 to the public by holding safety education activities and distributing publicity materials. Automakers and car dealers should also include emergency escape tools such as JM-A02 in the standard or recommended configuration of vehicles to provide more comprehensive safety protection for vehicle users, which can improve the safety performance and market competitiveness of vehicles, and enhance consumers' trust and loyalty to car brands. As vehicle users, we should also enhance our safety awareness and take the initiative to understand and master the use methods and skills of emergency escape tools such as JM-A02. In daily life, we can place JM-A02 in an easily accessible position in the vehicle and check its