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JM-A03 2-In-1 Impact-Resistant Reliable Window Breaker OEM/ODM

JM-A03 2-In-1 Impact-Resistant Reliable Window Breaker
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JM-A03 2-In-1 Impact-Resistant Reliable Window Breaker

The JM-A03 2-in-1 Impact-resistant Reliable window breaker is a versatile and essential tool designed to enhance safety and emergency preparedness. This innovative device combines two crucial functions in a compact and user-friendly form. First and foremost, its impact-resistant capabilities make it an effective solution for breaking windows in emergencies. Constructed with durable materials, the window breaker is specifically engineered to withstand impact forces, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most.
Moreover, the 2-in-1 design incorporates additional reliability by integrating a multifunctional aspect, making it a comprehensive tool for various situations. Alongside its window-breaking function, it also serves as a handy seatbelt cutter, providing an all-in-one solution for individuals facing unexpected challenges.

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Industry knowledge

How does JM-A03 2-In-1 Impact-Resistant Reliable Window Breaker work?

JM-A03 2-In-1 Impact-Resistant Reliable Window Breaker is a dual-function, impact-resistant and reliable window breaker. It can quickly break car windows or building window glass in an emergency, providing a channel for escape or rescue. It also has the auxiliary function of cutting seat belts. Its unique design concept and precise manufacturing process ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the product at critical moments.

1. Window breaking function
The window breaking function of JM-A03 mainly depends on its built-in window breaking cone head. This cone head is usually made of high-hardness, high-strength alloy steel, and undergoes precise heat treatment and surface treatment processes to improve its hardness and wear resistance. When the cone head has sufficient impact force on the window glass, the following key processes will occur.
Local stress concentration: The tip design of the cone head allows it to generate extremely high local stress in a very small area at the moment of contact with the glass. This stress far exceeds the tensile strength of the glass, causing the glass to crack rapidly in this area.
Crack extension: Once the initial crack is formed, due to the brittle nature of the glass material, the crack will quickly extend along the weak surface inside the glass (such as bubbles, impurities, etc.). This extension process is almost instantaneous, causing the entire glass surface to break rapidly.
Breaking mechanism: As the crack expands, the glass is divided into many small pieces, which will naturally fall off or break into smaller particles under the action of gravity due to the loss of their original continuity and support.
The JM-A03 window breaking cone head achieves the rapid breaking of window glass through this series of physical processes. Its impact-resistant design ensures that the cone head can maintain good performance after multiple uses and will not be damaged or deformed due to impact.

2. Cutting function
In addition to the window breaking function, the JM-A03 is also equipped with an auxiliary function for cutting seat belts. The working principle of this function is relatively simple, but equally important. The cutting blade is usually made of high-hardness stainless steel or ceramic material, with a sharp edge and sufficient strength. When the blade acts on the seat belt at an appropriate angle and force, the following process will occur:
Shearing action: The blade applies shearing force to the seat belt through its sharp edge, so that the fiber or material of the seat belt is cut at the edge. Since the material of the seat belt usually has a certain strength and toughness, the cutting process requires a certain amount of strength and stability.
Continuous cutting: In order to ensure that the seat belt can be completely cut, the cutting blade is usually designed to be able to cut continuously along the width of the seat belt. Even if the seat belt is thicker or the material is tougher, the thoroughness and effectiveness of the cutting can be ensured. It should be noted that although JM-A03 may have the auxiliary function of cutting the seat belt, in actual use, priority should be given to using the unlocking device that comes with the seat belt to unlock it. The cutting blade should only be used for cutting when the unlocking device fails or cannot be used.

III. Precautions for use
In order to ensure that JM-A03 can perform at its best in an emergency, users need to pay attention to the following points when using it.
Familiarize yourself with the product: Before using it, read the product manual carefully to understand the product's functions, usage methods, precautions, etc. Especially for the use of the cutting function, be particularly careful to avoid accidentally hurting yourself or others.
Proper storage: Store the JM-A03 in an easily accessible location and ensure that it is not affected by adverse environments such as high temperature and humidity. Check the integrity of the product regularly to ensure that it is in a usable state.
Stable force: When using the window breaking function, make sure your hands are stable and the force is even. Avoid using excessive force or unstable force to avoid damaging the window breaking cone head or causing hand injuries.
Pay attention to safety: After breaking the window glass, be careful to avoid broken glass fragments and flying glass slag. During the escape or rescue process, you should remain calm and orderly to avoid accidents such as trampling.